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Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack, 10 masks


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Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack is a set of 10 masks designed to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. Infused with 7 types of hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica extract, these masks provide intense moisture while calming redness and irritation. The unique fabric enhances the delivery of nutrients and ingredients to the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and balanced. Perfect for those with dry, irritated, or acne-prone skin, these masks are easy to use and provide instant relief. Treat your skin to the healing powers of Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack today!


The Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack is a highly effective and innovative skincare product designed to help you achieve a healthy and radiant complexion. This pack contains 10 masks, each infused with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that work together to soothe, nourish, and moisturize your skin.

To use the Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack, simply begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying your face. Next, remove one mask from the pack and apply it to your face, making sure to align the holes with your eyes, nose, and mouth. Gently press down on the mask to ensure that it adheres to your skin.

Once the mask is in place, relax and allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate your skin for 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can sit back and unwind, read a book, or even take a nap.

After the recommended time has passed, remove the mask from your face and gently massage any remaining serum into your skin. There’s no need to rinse your face after using the Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack, as the serum will continue to work its magic throughout the day or night.

The key ingredients in this mask pack include Centella Asiatica, also known as Cica, which is a popular ingredient in Korean skincare products due to its powerful soothing and healing properties. It helps to calm redness, reduce inflammation, and protect your skin from environmental aggressors.

Other natural ingredients in the Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack include tea tree oil, which helps to control excess oil production and prevent breakouts, and hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates your skin and locks in moisture to keep it looking plump and healthy.

Overall, the Torriden Balanceful Cica Mask Pack is a must-have addition to your skincare routine, whether you’re looking to soothe irritated skin, moisturize and hydrate your complexion, or simply enjoy some self-care time. With regular use, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the appearance and texture of your skin, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion that you’ll love.

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10 masks



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