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Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner is a lightweight toner that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Infused with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, it effectively replenishes moisture and improves skin elasticity, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and refreshed. This toner also helps to balance the skin’s pH level and prep it for better absorption of subsequent skincare products. Suitable for all skin types, Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner is a must-have in your daily skincare routine.


Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner is an essential addition to your skincare routine. This toner is a perfect choice for people who want to achieve smooth, supple, and radiant skin. It contains abundant collagen and natural moisturizing ingredients that help in regaining your skin’s natural glow.

The Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner comes in a 350ml bottle, which is enough for several applications. To use the toner, first, cleanse your face using your preferred face wash. Then, take an appropriate amount of the toner on a cotton pad and gently apply it all over your face.

The toner has a lightweight and non-sticky texture, which is perfect for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it hydrated, refreshed, and ready for the next step of your skincare routine.

The Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner is enriched with marine collagen, which is known for its anti-aging properties. Collagen helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, making your skin look youthful and plump.

In addition to collagen, the toner also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturizing factor. Hyaluronic acid helps in retaining moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated and supple. It also helps in boosting the skin’s elasticity, making it firm and toned.

Overall, the Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Toner is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to achieve healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin. It is easy to use, lightweight, and non-sticky, making it perfect for everyday use. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine, and get ready to enjoy the benefits of radiant and refreshed skin.

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