Buying and ordering on our website is very fast and easy! You just have to follow those steps:1. Select the product and the quantity you want and add it to the shopping bag; 2.Confirm and proceed to Checkout; 3. Fill a simple form with billing address and/or shipping address; choose the payment method (PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card, Bank Transfer or other), the shipping method (free shipping for orders over 140$) and place the order.
After adding only one product to your bag, you will be automatically redirected to your Shopping Bag where you will be able to see details about the products you want to order like its name, price, quantity you chose. In here you can change the quantity of it or simply remove certain item from your bag. In that place you can also apply a discount coupon. Don’t forget about clicking the “Apply Coupon” button before proceeding to Checkout. You can continue your shopping and if you will ever want to check your shopping, you have to find the little shopping cart icon in the top right corner. After clicking on it, you will be able to choose to proceed to checkout right away or to “View All” which will lead you back to your shopping bag.

When all products you desire are already in your cart, you will want to proceed to Checkout Page. Here, your purchase will be finalized by providing all needed information. You will have to confirm four types of information: address (billing and shipping – if different), shipping method you want us to use, payment method and checkout review. If shipping address is the same as billing address, you can use the option “Ship to the same address” by leaving the box next to it check marked. If you want to provide different shipping address, please just uncheck the box and provide correct address.
In case of editing shipping address details in your account after placing the order, the address will not automatically be updated in particular order’s details.

It is customer’s responsibility to make sure that the delivery address is able and ready to accept delivery of the order. Orders can be delivered to customer’s workplace, freight forwarding companies, hotels, storage and relocation companies who are identified by you as taking possession of the order on your behalf. GearBeauty will not be able to provide a refund for any goods which are damaged or lost following acceptance of the delivery by any locations on your behalf.The second thing to do is to choose shipping method. Most of countries can choose from two methods and you can find all information about it in Shipping & Delivery. Please remember that if your order’s value will reach the level for which we offer free shipping, you still have to choose which method you want us to choose.

The third thing to choose is payment method. Here you will have to provide details that will allow us to receive a payment from you. Please remember that order will start to be processed when we will receive a payment. To check more information about it, check our Payment Methods.

In the fourth step you will see checkout review, where all information about your order will be visible. This is the last moment when you can change the amount of already chosen products, check their price(-s) and other important information.

If you are ready to place your order, simply click on the green button in the right bottom corner “Place Order”. By placing the order on our website (clicking “Place Order” button), you agree to GearBeauty conditions. After your order is register in our system, we will send you an automatic order confirmation e-mail with your order number and other details. Please allow some time for the e-mail to arrive and always remember to check your SPAM folder, as sometimes your mailing system might forward it there.

On Checkout Page, below the billing address you will also find an option to create account that you will be able to use later. You can also create an account whenever you want by clicking on “Account” button in the top right corner of the page. If you have an account and you are logged in while placing the order you will be able to place the order faster, because all requested information will be prefilled on Checkout Page. Thanks to having account you will be able to check all account information, edit them, check previous orders, check status of the orders, tracking, invoices and much more. Remember to make sure that you are logged in while placing the order – other way, the order you’ve placed while logged out won’t appear in your account inormation.

After logging in you can see the status of your order. Please note that after the shipment, your order will be marked as “Complete” on our website, as it has been proceeded and shipped successfully. However, it does not mean necessarily that order was already delivered to addressee. More detailed information about your parcel after it is shipped can be found on tracking page (if applied). You can read more about it in “Order Tracking” information in our Shipping & Delivery.

(!) Product photos are for information purposes only. The actual appearance of the product may differ from the one presented in the picture. We are not responsible for any changes in the appearance of the product made by the manufacturer

(!) We reserve the right to refrain from providing the service if it turns out after the closure of contract that the product(-s) are not available – even though a corresponding commitment transaction has been concluded. In such a case, the customer will be immediately contacted by us via e-mail. We might offer other product instead or propose dispatch with certain delay. Any of the customer’s payments will be refunded if customer will decide so. Any further claims against us shall be excluded. We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery or any other delay in case of lack of answer from customer or late answer.